Live Online Timetable

Monday @ 6 pm - Forrest Yoga (75 minutes)

Tuesday @ 9:15 am Vinyasa (60 minutes)

Wednesday @ 9:15 am - Vinyasa (60 minutes)

Thursday @ 6pm - Power Yoga (60 minutes)

Thursday @ 7:15 pm Yin/Yang (60 minutes)

Saturday/Sunday @ 9:15 am - Vinyasa (90 minutes)

There are times you may not want to go to the gym or studio to participate in a class.

So why not join Rebecca in the comfort of your own home via her live classes?!

You will need a Zoom account to participate, which is free to join.

With her easy to use booking system you have full access to all her up and coming classes.

Click on this link to view all classes and book your space;


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