Timetable - Rebecca's Classes

Time(s) Vinyasa Flow Tuesday Mornings @ 9:30 am

Forrest Yoga Tuesday Evenings @ 6 pm
Vinyasa Flow Tuesday Evenings @ 7:40 pm

Vinyasa Flow Thursday Evenings @ 6 pm
Yin/Yang Yoga Thursday Evenings @ 7:15pm
Duration Vinyasa Flow - 60 minutes
Forrest Yoga - 90 minutes
Yin/Yang Yoga - 60 minutes
Location Phoenix Place for Health
1C SVT Building, Benbridge Estate
Holloway Road

Taster sessions are only £7.00 for 60 mins and £12.00 for a 90 min class.

Why Choose a Vinyasa Flow Class?

Vinyasa yoga addresses the stiff culture we live in.

The Western world has become a seated society, which is why vinyasa yoga is so important: its orientation is breath and movement, and research shows that increased movement in a seated society is absolutely essential for health. Vinyasa yoga gets us moving.

Vinyasa yoga trains the mind.

With a seated society comes a toxic mind: because our bodies are still, our minds are racing. Vinyasa yoga stills the mind because it has so many focal points that train the mind: the breath, postures, and sequences. We're really focusing on the breath at first, and then, as the mind gains the ability to concentrate, we are able to focus on many things at once. Step by step we expand the mind with the practice. Without proper training, the mind jumps all over the place, distracting us from working on the parts of our beings that will actually help us evolve. Vinyasa yoga stills the mind, giving it the ability to process what the practice brings up to the surface - the joyful stuff and sometimes the uncomfortable stuff as well.

Vinyasa yoga teaches us how to care for ourselves.

Vinyasa yoga teaches us how to be loving toward ourselves. How to be compassionate to ourselves, because human beings have self-defeating and self-limiting tendencies. We are our own worst critics. Practicing vinyasa yoga brings the content of our beings to the surface so we can see it. Inside the muscles, we hold the memories of every emotion we've ever experienced: sadness, fear, anger, etc. Through the postures, we can tap into these memories and process our pasts. It's the postures that release the emotions out of the body.

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Forrest Yoga: What is all the fuss about?!

Forrest Yoga is a slow-paced vinyasa practice featuring pranayama, core work, and long pose holds in a non - airconditioned room. If you're looking to increase your strength and stamina, release tension and stress, improve your breathing, reconnect to your body, and build a personal healing practice, Forrest Yoga is a great choice. It is unlike other styles of yoga you have done, but you will recognize elements of other yoga styles within the system. Just be open to doing things a new way. You will come to understand and appreciate these ways of doing things.
According to its founder, Ana Forrest, Forrest Yoga is "an intensely physical and internally focused practice that emphasizes how to carry a transformative experience off the mat and into daily life." This style of yoga is more about healing the body and mind than trying to achieve fancy poses. If practiced regularly, however, Forrest Yoga will guide you to a safe, beautiful and strong practice - enhancing beauty inside and out.
Forrest Yoga addresses current stresses in our contemporary lives, focusing on cultivating a practice that responds to the stresses and injuries common in the world we live in today. For example, it is so common these days to carry stress in our gut, leading to various eating disorders and digestive problems. Our necks and backs also become places of undue stress when we spend so much of your time seated either working at desks, driving, or watching TV. Forrest Yoga's poses and principles offer a roadmap to retrain our bodies to redirect stress to areas of the body to cultivate strength and release.

What level are the Forrest classes?

Classes are suitable for all abilities, begin with breathing exercises, followed by core-strengthening, and upper body strengthening. Sun salutations are then used to warm up the body and encourage the flow of energy and breath. After salutations, you will hold poses for 10-15 breaths to allow for deep integration of the benefits of each posture. Throughout the practice, you are encouraged to relax and even release your neck to take away undue tension in this area. Stronger poses are introduced in a progressive fashion to help you realize the possibilities in yourself for transformation and letting go of struggle in your life.
With a series of modifications always available, Forrest Yoga is designed to help you progressively and safely develop strength and flexibility for a sustainable and healthy yoga practice. Whether you are working through prior injuries or emotional challenges, the practice can be tailored to meet you where your needs are. The warm temperature of the room allows you to release toxins as you reinvigorate your body through powerful and progressive sequences that help you safely develop a strong and centered yoga practice. According to Ana Forrest, the warmed room helps you go deep in your poses and cleanse anything stored in your cell tissue. All of this leads to a truly visceral and connected practice.
Only £12.00 for your taster session!
Try out a Forrest-Inspired Yoga class for a strong and playful, yet challenging, practice to help you find rejuvenation and transformation - on and off the mat!

Yin Yoga, how does its work?

Yin Yoga is a complementary yoga practice to the more dynamic and invigorating yoga styles that are predominant today.

In Yin Yoga, floor postures are held passively for several minutes in order to access a safe and positive stress on the deep layers of connective tissue in the body.

Physically, Yin Yoga restores and maintains the natural mobility of the joints. Energetically, Yin Yoga opens the body's meridian system, which enhances the body's energetic flow and supports emotional equilibrium. As this practice emphasizes stillness and silence, Yin Yoga prepares both the body and the mind for deeper experiences in meditation.