My Thoughts

Often in our asana practice we get very fixated on 'how' the final posture should look and not on the journey itself.
This is where we miss out the important parts that bring balance into the body.
The mind is pushing hard for our egos to be on top and that is then we miss out on that important Self Enquiry.
How can we learn more about ourselves when we are rushing to reach what we think is our final destination?
Sometimes we just need to take a step back, forget where we are going, live in that moment of the posture and recognise how it makes us feel. Then our decision is based on what we need for our bodies and not what our minds want us to look like.
In this pose Trikonasana my main aim is not to touch my toes, but is to lengthen both sides of my waist equally. There are many variations of this and again it's about finding which one is most effective for you.


I could hear the words that were spoken at me with such definition and certainty.
But my only response was that of my body feeling a wave of despondency.

You see your words are that which are spoken from your mind.
Not once did you stop to feel how your words had left your mind.
With so much chatter it's no wonder that you're confused.
A mind which is in control offers nothing but a pattern that is continuously over used.

I live in my body, and i feel what is beneath my feet, i rejoice in my heart with its strong continuous beat. I witness all that is around me and from that i feel so much Joy.
Your words offer nothing to me it is your mind that you should ignore.

Rebecca P Fox


Today of all days i stopped and i listened.....

Not because i was told to or because of something i had read.

The choice was not mine, it was something i felt deep down inside that needed to be heard in order to clear my head.

The chatter was thick and it ran faster than i could comprehend. My mind swirled with patterns creating a tumbling overwhelming effect.

I had a body that felt tired and still i ignored its creaks, screaming were my aching ribs from my hearts strong continuous beat, so desperate to be felt and yet even more desperate to be heard,

Why did i become deaf to my body's beautiful world?

I could hear the birds as they sing, i could hear the wind as it whistles through the trees, i could hear the sounds of laughter from children as they create their memories which will last a lifetime.

Yet my life i chose to ignore, the more my body spoke to me the more i was convinced it was becoming a chore.

How dare you age, how dare you get weak, look at what's happened to my mind as it continues to overspeak.

You see sometimes we get so wrapped up in daily life that we become deaf to life itself.

If only i had listened sooner perhaps we would have become a team and then conquered the world instead..

Rebecca P Fox