Rebecca Fox

Yoga came to me back in 2004 when I needed help with my hyper-mobility, I had a back that constantly felt sore, a weak core and little control over my flexibility.

I was a dressage trainer who broke and produced horses to a high level and was taking painkillers on a daily basis to cope with the strain.

I went to see a specialist and they advised me to start up yoga in order to learn more about my body and help it become stronger and more efficient. Initially for me it was all about alignment and how the postures/asanas would help my body long term, It wasn't until my Grandfather passed that I turned to the meditation/holistic side of yoga and truly found peace and the overall benefits that came from yoga as a whole.

6 months after he passed i decided i wanted to help others with their lives, bodies and journeys and decided to become a Yoga Teacher and Mindfulness Coach. I have never looked back on this decision every day I am grateful to have found something that I love. Teaching is something I am very passionate about.

It is so rewarding for me to help others with their transformations and that comes in so many forms.

Change is inevitable and it's only when we embrace this that we can truly grow and feel great about ourselves. And why shouldn't we?

I am trained in Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Power and Forrest yoga which has given me an in depth knowledge and understanding of how the body works and where to go with corrections to achieve results and better alignment for different body types.

The main classes which i offer are Vinyasa Flow, Yin and Forrest yoga, these are suitable for all levels as i give options throughout the classes making them accessible to all. There are times i have beginners courses and mindfulness programs which I hold over the weekends at a studio in Maldon, Essex.

Private Lessons

Book in for a bespoke private class to 'check in' with yourself and use it as an opportunity to;

  • Work towards specific postures/asanas, learning where you perhaps need to strengthen/open an area of your body
  • Check in with your alignment, feeling more confident for when you attend public classes
  • Help to recover from an injury, stress, anxiety

Price on application depending on location, time and needs.

Corporate Sessions

Yoga in the workplace is a simple and cost effective way to promote physical activity, improve mental health, and demonstrates leadership in making employee wellness a priority in your business.

Rebecca has many clients who's employees have benefited from the convenience of having regular and one off sessions brought into the workplace. You just need an area big enough for a group of people to lay out mats. This can be a meeting room, boardroom or a studio can be hired (Often providing equipment). Students need to invest in their own mat which can be bought at a small cost.

So what is the buzz behind offering yoga classes to your employees?

  • Relieves their stress in the workplace
  • Increase in energy and confidence
  • Allows your team to bond away from a cup of coffee
  • Helps with their posture from sitting hunched at a desk for most of their day
  • Increases mindfulness in work tasks and between each other

Pricing per hour ranges from £95 depending on location, time and needs.